Meet the Tooth Fairy


Meet the Tooth Fairy

Our Tooth Fairy has a great deal of experience with children and is available to visit your child's school, daycare or library groups. We are specifically focused on the needs of children and are qualified to meet all aspects of their dental care. In our office, we emphasize a happy, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

We believe that a positive attitude toward dental health begins long before our patients enter the dental office. For quite some time we have had a community dental program available to local schools and library groups. Our 30-minute, enthusiastic presentation includes colorful visuals, fairy dust and songs, along with a discussion on the importance of good nutrition. The Tooth Fairy gives delightful presentations to children in the comfort of their own familiar environment. It truly goes a long way in establishing a positive foundation. Children develop a greater interest in their personal brushing habits.

It would be our pleasure to visit your child's school, daycare or library group. Call the office and ask to speak to the Tooth Fairy!

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