Common Problems

Common ProblemsPediatric Orthodontic Issues & Treatment

A smile has a big impact on the confidence of children and adults. Kids First Dentistry is located in Fairfield, CT with a new location in Norwalk. Our professional staff at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry is skilled with common orthodontic problems, and they work to correct a variety of bite and teeth issues in the Fairfield and Norwalk areas. For the best treatment possible, the first orthodontist visit should be made by the age of seven in order to fully fix orthodontic problems in kids.

Most Common Orthodontic Problems

When there are issues with the jaw or teeth structure, it causes not only visual issues but also difficulty with speech, enamel wear down, and injury to the jaw joints. Treating issues early on is important in order to prevent serious problems later in life. These are some of the most common orthodontic problems in children:


This occurs when the upper teeth greatly extend over the lower ones, which can negatively affect the bite


In this scenario the front teeth of both the upper and lower jaw do not overlap, which prevents correct chewing

Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

The upper teeth extend forward too much or the lower teeth are not extended enough, which affect both the function and the look of your teeth


The lower teeth extend beyond the upper teeth, which can lead to a misaligned jaw or changes in tooth color


This issue may only be a cosmetic problem, or there may be a tooth missing


If there is not enough room in the mouth, teeth may not be able to come through the gums. Sometimes tooth removal is necessary, but the issue can often be corrected by expansion

Mismatched Dental Midlines

If the back bite does not match the front one, there can be serious issues with correct dental and jaw function

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