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Regular Dental Checkups

Cute young infant child smiling with new baby teeth ready for first appointment at Kids First Pediatric DentistrySome of the most common questions from parents include when to begin dental checkups, how often children should see a dentist, and what oral hygiene steps they should take pertinent to the age of the child. We support the idea that good oral health begins before your child is even born and continues daily throughout their life. This includes building a relationship with our team. Our staff at Kids First Pediatric Dentistry would like to meet your child around the age of two and then continue to see the child about twice a year for dental cleanings and checkups. Working together, we can help your child have a healthy smile along with the tools to know how to continue having good oral health for life.

Kids First Dentist Visit

The American Dental Association recommends children first visit the dentist around their second birthday. This first visit will look different from traditional adult dental cleanings; we want to establish a place of trust with your child and provide parents with tips and information to help them be successful in caring for their young child’s teeth.

Your child’s visit begins in our front office, we have worked to create an atmosphere that is calm and inviting. We ask that parents use positive wording with their child about their pending visit, please refrain from sharing stories of fear or pain from your past experiences. During their appointment, we will take the time to allow your child to explore the space. We show them how the chair works, the tools we use, or they can remain on their parent’s lap if preferred.

Initial visits are exploratory for the child and our team. We will count teeth, spot any potential problems, teach brushing techniques to the parent, answer questions, and provide any guidance or tips to help the parent and child be successful in hygiene practice.

Frequency of Dentist Office Visits

As your child grows, their mouth goes through many changes. Additionally they are learning good oral hygiene. Due to this, we would like to see your child at least twice a year to make sure they are on track. We have seen it all, including teeth that are poorly positioned to teeth that develop cavities or decay due to inadequate brushing. Having semi-annual office visits allows us to take the time to spot the problems and provide the education to help your child be more successful.

Age Appropriate Oral Hygiene

Would it surprise you to know that good oral hygiene begins before birth? The food choices you make in pregnancy affects the health of your fetus’ teeth. What we eat and the vitamins we consume are important throughout our lives, even in utero. Once your baby is here, steps to maintain good oral health should continue. Before their teeth erupt from their gums, we want you to daily consider their oral hygiene.

Daily wipe their gums with a clean washcloth, this step removes any debris while also developing a habit in the parent to daily think of cleaning their child’s mouth. Once teeth have erupted, it is time to brush. With a soft toothbrush, lightly brush the single or few teeth. Doing this will clear any debris while also getting your child used to you brushing. You may include a small swipe of toothpaste. We ask that parents continue to take a dominant role in their child’s brushing until the age of seven.
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Regular Dental Checkups | Kids First Pediatric Dentistry
When should your child first visit the dentist? At Kids First Pediatric Dentistry, we would like to meet your child by age of 2, then continue with dental cleanings and checkups twice a year.
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